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How to Become a Massage Therapist
8/1/2018 Alan Cohen
The educational requirements to become a massage therapist varies depending on the state you intend to practice. Some states require 500 hours of study while you may need 1,000 hours of coursework.
How to Become a Nail Tech
8/1/2018 Alan Cohen
Having a career as a nail technician can be very exciting and rewarding. You will meet a great number of people and transform plain nails into works of ar
How to Become a Barber
6/29/2018 Alan Cohen
Has it always been your dream to become a barber? Make that dream a reality by becoming a professional barber.
How to Become a Hair Stylist
6/28/2018 Alan Cohen
You are creative and enjoy working with your hands. You often experiment with your own hairstyles and are continuously asked to help friends with their hair. Maybe you should become a hair stylist!
How to Get a Spa Director Job
6/26/2018 Alan Cohen
The answer to this question is very similar to acquiring any other management level job; experience. There are numerous ways to navigate the spa industry as it relates to experience.
Spa and Salon Career Earning Potential
6/22/2018 Alan Cohen
Working in the spa and salon industry can be very rewarding. Compensation, creativity, and relationships are what people love most about it.